MADMA urbanism+landscape

MADMA is an international and interdisciplinary office specialized in Urban design and Landscape design founded by Hiroki Matsuura in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

At MADMA we are smart. We take urban design further, to a level where living space becomes natural. We design quality urban spaces where nature, architecture and public realm merge together in a smart way. Our spaces are cool, beautiful, intelligent and enjoyable. This makes people want to live in them.

Clarity and simplicity come at a high price in urban planning. Multiple stakeholders engaged in the project, various political, economic, social and environmental factors often make one lose track of the core of a project. Knowing how to deal with an overwhelming quantity of complications in a way that does not deteriorate the quality of the end result is crucial. By creating efficient and optimizing solutions to urban puzzles we are able to come up with surprisingly simple win-win scenarios. We have learned how to keep it simple.

What makes our spaces real? An artificial space feels stiff. In real life certain dose of chaos and irrationality is always present. To be able to design lively spaces which are flexible enough to integrate change and stay dynamic means to master the art of the urban planning. It allows us to create a space which feels natural. Space which lasts and evolves with people.

We are direct and we work fast. We know how to make the right move that save time and money. Guided by our experience, intelligence and making maximum use of our talents we master the precision. We get to the right point with a minimal movement like the samurai master.